Buying Lawn and Garden Supplies is a Weakness of Mine

s the sun starts to creep out more and more these days, and the weather gradually begins to thaw, I can’t help but think about the approach of spring and all of the lawn and garden supplies I will be buying this year, and most important, how I will be putting them to use.

I love the spring for many reasons: warmer weather, baseball, and of course, gardening. I have always enjoyed growing my own vegetables and flowers and make it a point each spring to make a trip to a local hardware store to get the lawn and garden supplies I know that I will be needing for the year. Invariably, I end up spending a good deal more than what I had intended to when I left.

Ever year, I always buy plenty of grass seed. My yard is one of those that is gradually filling in with grass, but still has bare spots at the end of each winter. It is a must when I go to buy lawn and garden supplies, along with top soil and a couple of new sprinklers, which always seem to get damaged throughout the course of the year.

Something else that I find myself buying every year are bricks. It seems that I am always building something in my yard that requires a barrier, and I almost always have to make several trips to the store to buy 40 or 50 bricks. These are not technically lawn and garden supplies, I suppose, but they are a part of my yard year-round.

Of all of the lawn and garden supplies I buy each year, I would have to say the most important for me are my soaker hoses. I would be lost without these. I have several rows of gardens that require regular watering, but at the same time, I don’t want to spend a fortune on my water bill each month. With the soaker hoses that I buy, and yes, I do have a special type that I buy from a local hardware store, I never have to worry about exorbitant water costs or portions of my garden not getting watered. They seem to work perfectly every time.

Lawn and garden supplies are definitely a weakness for me and one on which I fully admit I spend too much money. Working in my garden brings me a lot of pleasure and is something I look forward to all year long. Fortunately, I live in a state where I can use them for a good portion of the year, and believe me when I say that I do.