Jennifer Lopez
On the JLo

Current Projects

Lopez is currently in pre-production for two projects: American Darlings and Bordertown, both expected to be released in 2005. She co-stars in the former with Nicole Kidman. The two actresses "storm" the male-oriented club scene in pre-WWII years. This period piece is a musical drama. There is no director listed for this project as of yet.

In Bordertown, Lopez plays a journalist investigating a series of homicides near American-owned factories on the border of Juarez and El Paso. This thriller also stars Antonio Banderas and Kate del Castillo. It is directed by Gregory Nava.

An Unfinished Life, a finished project that is also slated to be released this year, is a drama directed by Lasse Hallstrom. It's about a woman having difficulty providing for herself and her daughter seeks help from her father-in-law from whom she was estranged. During the course of the movie they learn to forgive each other. Lopez co-stars with Robert Redford and Morgan Freeman. It's set in Marion, Iowa and is rated PG-13.

Meanwhile, Lopez's lastest release is Monster-in-Law. A romantic comedy about exactly what it sounds like. After a series of unsuccessful dates, Lopez's character meets Michael Vartan's character and falls in love. However, his domineering mother is bent on destroying their relationship. It is directed by Robert Luketic.